Time has given me the opportunity to reflect. 

As a self-taught artist, I was the kid who had challenges with reading comprehension, struggled with math, and always needed extra time when taking tests.  But, it's not until adulthood that I finally understood that it has never been WHAT I was trying to learn that has been the problem, but instead HOW I was supposed to learn.  I have come to understand that I need to learn creatively, relate what I am learning, apply it, and then share it with the world! 


In his book The Artisan Soul, McManus states it perfectly when he says, "Though we may create many beautiful works of art, the most important works of art to which we will ever give ourselves are the lives we live.  We are both works of art and artist at work.  At first, our soul is like a canvas where others begin to paint the portrait of who we are.  Slowly, as we develop and mature, we take the brush into our own hands and continue painting our own lives."

I believe creativity should never be defined by an end product.  We are all creative. However, any finished piece of artwork can be judged and thrown out with the trash.  Yet the beautiful process of creating is free, can never be taken away from you, and can change your life!

To be honest, I grew up resenting being wired to create.  But, whether I like it or not, I am an artist.  Who says creative minds can't change the world?   So, there is no rhyme or reason for my artwork. There is no pressure. I'm not seeking out perfection. There are no guidelines or measurements for potential or comparisons of my abilities.  Just connecting, sharing experiences, communicating the things I love to do, expressing thoughts, and giving back along the way.  Pretty simple, eh?​​​